Thoughts of Today

I Hosted My 3rd Food-Tasting & It Rocked!

Hello there, So…. in April I hosted by third food-tasting event. Third food-tasting! I still cannot believe it. To be honest, it was more like a mini-food fair, but I will go with food-tasting for the sake of consistency. In case you are new to this blog or my foodie activities, let me give you a quick elevator pitch about what my food-tastings entail. My food-tastings, known as The Culinary Boutique by BBR, are a chance for me to host

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Eargasm Friday: The Lagos Music Salon

As Being Mary Jane fan, I have enjoyed the storyline so far. However, I just discovered a new found love for the show due to its eclectic but complimentary music selection. Thanks to the most recent episode, I have been introduced to a new instantly favorite artist, Somi! If you are an avid fan of Sade, Maxwell, Corinne Bailey ┬áRae, or Asa, then she should be a blessing to your ears. The first song that drew me in is “Ginger

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Job Hunting and Love Hunting: No Difference

Anything that involves filling out an application is always the worst experience ever. Once you are told to “fill out information” about yourself, it really begins to make you question who you are and what exactly what you are worth. Your self-esteem is toiled with when you are trying to prove to the “judges” that you are worthy of the cause you are applying for. In my case, I am in the job hunting phase of life as graduate school

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